Gluta Essentials Giveaway by iReviewPinoy

Gluta Essentials Giveaway

Hey guys, there will be a giveaway that will be held at ireviewpinoy.

He will be giving away 30 capsules of Gluta Essentials so make sure you join you might be one of the lucky winners.

Gluta Essentials has has a total of 1,050 mg. The dosage of Glutathion is 700mg. It also has NAC 100mg, ALA 100mg, Vit C 100mg, and Collagen 50mg with only the price of 900 pesos

The giveaway will be administered by Mr. Mart Lester of ireviewpinoy he has been reviewing different types of beauty products as well so check out his blogs for the best beauty lessons.

The mechanics are fairly simple, all you have to do is subscribe and follow our Social media accounts or watch the video below for more details.


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