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Lefcar L-Carnitine IV


  • Product Complete set 
      • 6 vials lefcar
  • LEFCAR Lcarnitine is a very potent fat burner that will surely help you loose weight!
    • Balanced Cholesterol level - Because the fatty acids are being used up for burning, thus our cholesterol level will be balanced up by increasing the HDL and lowering LDL.
    • Healthy Heart - Because the cholesterol level is in controlled, so the risk at which arteriosclerosis will be minimized. If a person who has exposed to arteriosclerosis and aged, he will definitely facing the risk of heart attack because the heart is using a lot of energy to pump blood through narrow vessels.
    • Muscle building - For people who work out in gym, they can use L-Carnitine for toning up the muscles. When fatty acids are transported and burned in mitochondria that fat tissue will getting lesser and more muscle is built by exercising.


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