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Tatiomax Glutathione IV

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  • Product Complete set 
      • 10 vials 500mg Tatiomax
      • 10 Amps sterile water
      • 10 Amps Vit C (TP)
      • 10 Syringes 10cc
      • 10 Butterfly g25


  • L-Glutathione is a compound classified as a tripeptide made of three amino acids: cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine. Glutathione is also found in every part of the body, especially the lungs, intestinal tract, and liver. The body produces and stores the largest amounts of GSH in the liver, where it is uses to detoxify harmful compound so that they can be removed from the body through the bile.
  • The liver also supplies GSH directly to red and white blood cells in the bloodstream; it helps keep red blood and white blood cells healthy to maximize the disease-fighting power of the immune system. Glutathione also appears to have an anti-aging affect on the body. 
  • It is an emergency antidote in treatment of poisoning by radiotherapy drugs and chemicals.



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